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年代 : 令和4年
サイズ : 30 × 30 cm
限定 : -
技法 : 鳥の子紙に水性ペン
詳細 : 木製パネル装
額装 : ご相談下さい


2019  東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科修了


2021 高橋梓展 (アートゾーン神楽岡)
    Japan meets Tirol - Grafik(Kunst-Werk-Raum / オーストリア)
2020    YAN(SO Fine Art Editions / アイルランド)
2019    AIRMAIL #2(柳沢画廊)
    SO Fine Art Editions (アイルランド)
    ASSAB ONE(イタリア)
    日中韓版画3人展 Toward the Future(B-gallery)
2018  高橋梓展 (アートゾーン神楽岡)
2017  Shotai(SO Fine Art Editions / アイルランド)






この作品は、高橋梓 個展「泳ぐ庭/Floating Garden」の開催に伴い、2022年8月10日(水)以降のお届けとなります。


Title: Tiles of Dots
Date: 2022
Size: 30 × 30 cm
Edition: -
Technique: Water-based pen on Japanese paper
Detail: Mounted on a wooden panel
Frame: Please Ask


2019 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A. of the Printmaking Department


2021 Takahashi Azusa Exhibition (Art zone Kaguraoka)
    DUB (Yanagisawa Gallery)
    その場合、わたしは何をする?~版画のひきだし~ (In that case, what would I do? ~Print Drawer) (Geidai Art Plaza)
    Japan meets Tirol - Grafik (Kunst-Werk-Raum / Austria)
2020    YAN (SO Fine Art Editions / Ireland)
       かけらをあつめて (Collect the pieces)(Isetan)
2019    AIRMAIL #2 (Yanagisawa Gallery)
    SO Fine Art Editions (Ireland)
    ASSAB ONE (Italy)
    Japan-China-Korea 3 Artists Exhibition Toward the Future (B-gallery)
2018  Takahashi Azusa Exhibition (Art zone Kaguraoka)
2017  Shotai (SO Fine Art Editions / Ireland)


Artist Comment
I was interested in looking at the tiles in the interior of the room. I thought it would be interesting to rework these shapes a bit, so I painted this.


Gallery Commentary
At first glance, it appears to be a gray pattern, but this pale color is due to a collection of black dots. In this work, Takahashi attempts further decomposition of what caught her eyes. It evokes the time between the artist's encounter with the object and its decomposition.


About the Delivery
Due to the opening of Takahashi Azusa's solo exhibition "Floating Garden", this artwork will be delivered after Wednesday, August 10th, 2022.

高橋 梓 / 点のタイル

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