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年代 : 令和3年
サイズ :  52.5 × 32.9cm(シートサイズ)
限定 : 1/3
技法 : 紙にエッチング
額装 : +12,000円



2015 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 修了



2015 「form / category」 (Open Letter/東京)

2017 「不確かさの記録」(Open Letter/東京)


2016 「AAA」 (Open Letter/東京)

2018 「rain to snow」 (ギャラリーそうめい堂/東京)

2019 「Contemporary Exhibition Vol.1」 (ギャラリーそうめい堂/東京)


この作品の発送は、展覧会「ぎゅっと離す または 集まれ」の会期後、2021年10月5日(火)以降を予定しております。

Artist: HAMANO Emi

Title: By chance 4-2
Date: 2021
Size: 52.5 × 32.9cm(Sheet size)
Edition: 1/3
Technique: Etching on Paper 
Framing: +12,000 yen
*Edition 1/3 is for framing only. (Edition 1/3 is pasted on a wooden panel.)

For customers who would like to purchase the print without a frame, the edition 2/3 or 3/3 will be available.

2015 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A. of the Printmaking Department


Artist Comment

I am interested in the unintentional scratches and smudges that occur in printed materials, and the accidental nature of these errors.
I also like confirming when and under what conditions errors occur.

Printmaking is not an expression that can be completed by the artist's body alone. I start from my own ideal image and fix the image on paper through the "plate" and the "machine (press)". In this process, many errors occur.
The resulting image is not what I had envisioned, and gradually becomes something uncertain. I face my work with repetition between that "uncertainty result" and "my own image".

Gallery Commentary
Hamano seems to have a special feeling for the process peculiar to "printmaking," in which she entrusts her artwork to a kind of filter. The image envisioned in the process of making the plate is affected in some way by the condition of the ink, the process of pressing, or the texture of the paper, and the "print" may even show an expression beyond the artist's expectation. Hamano describes this unexpected expression as an "error". The word "error" seems to have a negative connotation, but Hamano faces it with a flexible attitude, accepts it, and sometimes questions and re-concerns it. You can sense the artist's sincere gaze and the study in her works.

Delivery date
This artwork will be shipped after the exhibition  (end on October 2nd, 2021).

濱野 絵美 / 偶然 4-2

SKU: HE009
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