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年代 : 令和5年

サイズ : 29.8 × 23.4 cm(シートサイズ)

限定 : 2/10

技法 : 紙に銅版

詳細 : シート価格

額装 : ご相談下さい



2021 東京芸術大学美術学部絵画科油画専攻 卒業

2023 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科絵画専攻版画研究分野 卒業






・その場合わたしは何をする? 版画のひきだし




ここは鳥の中 海のような砂のようなところで二人は 塔をつくったり壊したりして遊んでいる。









Title: Playing inside the Bird

Artist: YAMADA Momoko

Date: 2023

Size: 29.8 × 23.4 cm (Sheet size)

Edition: 2/10

Technique: Copperplate printing on paper

Detail: Not framed

Frame: Please Ask



2021 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts,

    B.A. of the Oil painting department

2023 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts,

    M.A. of the Printmaking department




Solo Exhibition(Gallery Jun)


その場合わたしは何をする? 版画のひきだし

(Geidai Art Plaza)


Artist Comment

Here is in the bird, the place like the sea, like the sand.

Two figures are spending time making and breaking towers.


Gallery Commentary

Yamada Momoko, who mainly uses the copperplate engraving technique, shows her unique world in her works.

When you look at her works as if you were on exploration, you must be surprised by the amount of information that is layered on her works.

Yamada says that she creates her works as if she is having a dialogue with them: the words that come to mind when she paints, the images that emerge from those words, and the stories that emerge from them.

The world created in this way is also a safe place for her.

Yamada has also been working with cloisonne and old materials in recent years, and she mentions the appeal of such age-old materials in terms of their effect on the sense of time and sensibility. The time that begins to flow gently in front of the old materials is also a time for Yamada to put herself in the others' sensibility and other values of the time that the materials speak of.

The descriptions of ancient creatures and mythological scenes that sometimes appear in her work are probably ideas derived from a dialogue with such things.

山田 桃子 / 鳥の中で遊ぶ

SKU: YM003-2
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