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年代 : 令和3年

サイズ : 33 × 43.5 ㎝(シートサイズ)

      26 × 32.6 cm (イメージサイズ)

限定 : 1/20

技法 : 紙にリトグラフ・インクジェットプリント

詳細 : シート価格

額装 : 別途ご相談下さい



2007 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科博士後期課程美術専攻修了 博士号(美術)取得









この作品の発送は、山﨑 慧 と好地 匠 による展示「またたく間(ま)のいろ」の会期後、2021年12月8日(水)以降を予定しております。



Artist: KOHCHI Takumi

Date: 2021

Size: 33 × 43.5 ㎝(Sheet size)

           26 × 32.6 cm (Image size)

Edition: 1/20

Technique: Lithograph on paper, Ink jet print 

Detail: Not framed

Frame: Please ask



2007 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, D.C. of the Fine Arts Department


Gallery Commentary

Kohchi, who has been thinking about "the state of Artwork," has been attempting to expand the "in-between" of his artworks.

What Kohchi describes as "in-between" seems to be the space between his vivid colors (or series of layers, including the front and back).


He goes back and forth between the layers of color as freely as if he were traveling through them. Even when it is compressed into a flat surface, he does not miss the presence of each layer and the influence each layer has on the other. Also, by changing the order of the layers and the method of layering repeatedly, he tries to reconsider the image.


In this work, he prints a particle-like expression by inkjet printing at first. Then, on top of the printed surface, the colors of the oil-based ink are layered in various aspects, such as transparent and opaque.

 As mentioned in the comment for the exhibition "Colors While Our Blink," Kohchi described the moment when the plates for each color overlap on the paper in the process of printmaking, that is, the process of going through the press as "blinking."

The time we blink may seem like a fleeting event, but there are many processes that lead up to it.

The eye-opening colors that pop into our eyes the moment we open them contain so many layers, expressions, and time. There is no single way to see them.


Delivery date

This artwork will be shipped after Dec. 8th, 2021, after the period of the exhibition "Colors While Our Blink", by YAMAZAKI Kei and KOHCHI Takumi.

好地 匠 / wovenⅤ

SKU: KT005
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