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年代 : 令和5年

サイズ : 34.5 × 28 cm(シートサイズ)

限定 : 2/15

技法 : 木版画

詳細 : 額付価格

額装 : 木製額



2020 武蔵野美術大学造形学部油絵学科版画コース 卒業





「AYAKASHI妖精×妖怪」(松坂屋上野店 7F 美術画廊)






文房堂ギャラリー グループ展


弘重ギャラリー グループ展

「いい芽ふくら芽2020」(松坂屋名古屋店 ヤングアーティスト公募展)











Title: Hometown Flowers

Artist: KOHARA Shiori

Date: 2023

Size: 34.5 × 28 cm (Sheet size)

Edition: 2/15

Technique: Woodblock print

Detail: With a frame

Frame: Wooden frame



2020 Graduated from Musashino Art University, College of Art and Design, Department of Painting, Printmaking Course



2023 Three person show (Gallery Hiro)

     AYAKASHI妖精×妖怪 (Matsuzakaya Ueno 7F Art Gallery)

     版こもごも~版画三人展~ (Gallery nenohoshi)

2022 Story of Prayer (Gallery Soumei-do)

2021 KOWAII Exhibition XI (Arai Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo)

Bumpodo Gallery Group exhibition

2020 Hiroshige Gallery Group Exhibition

Matsuzakaya Nagoya Young Artists'

"いい芽ふくら芽 2020"

(Young Artists' Exhibition, Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store)



Artist Comment

During the Heian period (794-1185), the indigenous people living in the Tohoku region, called "Emishi," were called "Oni" (ogres) and were defeated because they did not follow the Imperial Court and built their own culture.
In Iwate Prefecture, where I live, there are many place names with the word "Oni" and folklore related to Oni, and most of them are based on the history of the people who stood up to protect the Tohoku region. For us, demons are more than just terrifying.
When I once visited a place where the word "oni" remains in the place name, my mother told me that "daffodils are a symbol of peace for me" when she saw daffodils blooming all around. After the Tohoku earthquake, she was very encouraged by seeing daffodils blooming in the disaster area.
To the sad demons in the folklore, I offer a flower of peace.


Gallery Commentary

Iwate Prefecture, also known as the "Home of Folktales," is a land that retains many folk beliefs and legends. Kohara, who spent the childhood there, also heard many stories passed down from her grandparents.

Kohara’s artworks are a mixture of local folklore and beliefs, as well as memories of events she experienced. The artworks created from vague memories of what she saw, and they are like a thread of wishes for what might have been.

Having experienced the loss of a loved one, Kohara is searching for something warm between this world and the next.


古原 汐理 / 故郷の花

SKU: KS023-2
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