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年代 : 令和元年

サイズ : 36.8 × 25.4 ㎝(シートサイズ)

限定 : モノタイプ

技法 : 和紙にリトグラフ 

詳細 : シート価格

額装 : 別途ご相談ください



2014 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程 修了

2016 東京藝術大学版画研究室 教育研究助手









Artist Comment

The plate of this lithograph work was unstable, and the image changed with each printing. Gradually, something like a landscape emerged from the depiction of the hand.
(I use a stone lithograph plate rather than the aluminum plate used in contemporary lithograph artworks.)



Title: look into one's hands

Artist: YAMAZAKI Kei

Date: 2019

Size: 36.8 × 25.4 ㎝(Sheet size)

Edition: Monotype

Technique:  Lithograph on Japanese paper

Detail: Not framed

Frame: Please ask



2014 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A. of the Printmaking Department

2016 Research Assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts


Gallery Commentary

Yamazaki's unique forms, created by flexible lines and rich colors, are always full of charm regardless of the media, such as drawing and printmaking. Yamazaki's expression, which combines a sense of comfort with a mysterious dynamism, may be born from the freedom to move back and forth between painting and printmaking, which are close yet distant production methods.

山﨑 慧 / 手に見る

SKU: YK020
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