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年代 : 令和3年

サイズ : 36.8 × 25.4 ㎝(シートサイズ)

限定 : 1/5

技法 : いづみ紙にリトグラフ

詳細 : シート価格

額装 : 別途ご相談下さい



2014 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程 修了

2016 東京藝術大学版画研究室 教育研究助手



「見ていたものから見たことのない新しいものを思い浮かべること」を 制作のテーマとしているという山﨑。





Artist Comment

A holly leaf and a downed book. Two that are similar in outline impression but opposite in structure.



Title: unfolded figure

Artist: YAMAZAKI Kei

Date: 2021

Size: 36.8 × 25.4 ㎝(Sheet size)

Edition: 1/5

Technique:  Lithograph on Izumi-paper

Detail : Not framed

Frame: Please ask



2014 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, M.A. of the Printmaking Department

2016 Research Assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts


Gallery Commentary

The theme of Yamazaki's work is "to imagine a new image that I have never seen before from what I have seen in life."
As the book lay on the desk, unexpected curves were created and were softly combined with the curves in Yamazaki's memory.
It is interesting to note that although this is an extremely personal feeling. But when the artwork is passed through the printing process, it leaves the artist's hands a little and comes closer to our memories.
What do you associate with the things you see in your daily life?

山﨑 慧 / ひらいたすがた

SKU: YK018
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