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 年代 : 平成28年
 サイズ : 18.3 × 20 cm(シートサイズ)
     10 × 12  cm(イメージサイズ) 
 限定 : 16/20
 技法 : 紙に木版
 詳細 : シート価格
 額装 : ご相談下さい
  女子美術大学大学院美術研究科美術専攻版画研究領域 修了
 ・中村美穂・山城有未 展(養清堂画廊(東京))
 ・川上澄生美術館木版画大賞展 準大賞
 ・アワガミ国際ミニプリント展 審査員賞 
 ・川上澄生美術館木版画大賞展 審査員特別賞
 ・日本版画協会第83回版画展 準会員優秀賞FF賞
 ・全国大学版画展 収蔵賞 (町田市立国際版画美術館)
 ・日本版画協会第82回版画展 山口源新人賞
 Title: Monday After the Rain
 Artist: NAKAMURA Miho
 Date: 2016
 Size: 18.1 × 20 cm(Sheet Size)
          10 × 12 cm(Image Size)
 Edition: 16/20
 Technique: Woodblock printing on paper
 Detail: Not framed
 Frame: Please ask
 2015 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, Printmaking Research
 Nakamura Miho, Yamashiro Ami, exhibition at Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo.
 Second Prize, Kawakami Sumio Museum of Woodblock Print Grand Prix Exhibition
 (Kawakami Sumio Museum, Kanuma, Japan) 
 Shibetsu Artist-in-Residence -
 Summer in Shibetsu - Results Exhibition (Ibuki Citizen Gallery, Hokkaido)
 Awagami International Mini-Print Exhibition, Jury Prize 
 (Awa Washi Traditional Industry Hall, Japan)
 Special Jury Prize, Kawakami Sumio Museum, Woodblock Print Grand Prix Exhibition
 (Kawakami Sumio Museum, Kanuma, Japan)
 Japan Print Association 83rd Print Exhibition, Associate Member Excellence Award FF Prize
 National University Print Exhibition, Collection Prize (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts)
 The 82nd Exhibition of the Japan Print Association, Yamaguchi Gen Newcomer Prize.
 (Collection of Numazu Shoji Museum of Art)
 Gallery Commentary
 Nakamura's gaze is also carefully turned on inorganic objects that might otherwise be overlooked in modern society. The atmosphere in her works evokes memories and emotions that have lain dormant in the depths of the mind.
 In addition to the beauty of the overlapping colors unique to woodblock prints, the works, which also show the careful interaction between the print and the artist, will make you feel gentle.
 About the Delivery
 For sheets only, it will take 2-3 days after payment is confirmed; for framed sheets, it will take 2-3 weeks.      

中村 美穂 / 雨上がりの月曜日

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