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古原汐理 の作品を掲載しました






Iwate Prefecture is known as the "home of folktales," where old legends of folk beliefs and traditions remain. Having spent her childhood in Iwate Prefecture, Kohara heard many legends from his grandparents.

Based on the mysterious, fascinating, and sometimes sad history of folklore, Kohara has created a "dream-like" world in her works that are a mixture of her own memories and experiences.

It is interesting to unravel the history and stories of her hometown and the wishes of Kohara in the fantastic paintings with vivid colors.

In addition to 'Stand in the morning mist', 'The Story of One Night' and 'Small Shrine in the Forest', the new releases 'If you will come back', 'Guidance Light' and 'Eternal Prayer'.

'If you will come back' is a small work, and 'Guidance Light' and 'Eternal Prayer' are larger works.

Framing is available, please contact us for more information.


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